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HUSBAND and wife duo, Mr and Mrs Kumar have been running KM Wedding Services since 1996 and what started out to be a challenging task for Mr Kumar has transformed into a well-reputed and successful business.

Mr Kumar started this business just after a year of marriage. Being the sole running in the business, it was hard and full of challenges. This is where Ms Kumar decided to leave her banking job to join him in the business,And she does not regret that move even for a fraction of a moment.

KM Wedding Services is possibly one of the pioneers of Indian wedding decor companies. The company came into the market when there was little competition and introduced modern decor settings to traditional Indian weddings. Now the KM Wedding Services, overseen by Mr and Mrs Kumar with an efficient team, is a household name in Singapore.

Our Services

KM Wedding Services have a long list of regular clients who had their weddings being taken care of and through trust and confident, they started hiring KM Wedding ServicesThe company, located at 14 Belilios Lane, specializes in providing various services for different occasions ; be it ROM ceremonies, weddings and even corporate events. For weddings specifically, the company also provides bouquets, tables and decor, canopies, wedding cakes, bridal cars basically every tiny detail in a wedding checklist would be taken care of within the clients; budgets and according to the themes that they want. Be it a modern dinner reception or a traditional temple wedding, Mr and Mrs Kumar assures that their client’s needs and expectations are satisfied.

Coming from Mrs Kumar herself ,” When it comes to weddings, we take it as if we are organizing our own wedding and we give our clients the best we have to their specific budget. We know it’s their big day and we won’t do anything to compromise that,”

To us, it isn’t just about decor or providing tables and chairs. Life is about creating a day, an experience that our clients would never forget.

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